Brochure cover that says

Natroba Patient Brochure (English)

This brochure offers parents essential information about Natroba, from application instructions to expectations for treatment.

Brochure cover in Spanish that says

Folleto de Natroba Para Pacientes (Español)

Este folleto ofrece a los pacientes y personas que lo asisten información util sobre Natroba, desde las instrucciones de aplicación hasta las expectativas de tratamiento.

Infographic with image of a child with the title

Facing Head Lice at Home & in School Infographic

This handout helps parents and children separate fact from myth to better cope with the stigmas associated with head lice.

Illustrated infographic with title

Patient Journey Map

This poster is an ideal treatment journey tool to display in your exam rooms and educate patients and families about how to end resistant head lice.


Patient Journey Video

This animated companion to the Patient Journey Map educates patients and families on how best to comply with their treatment regimen.


With Natroba as the first line of defense, parents can face lice head-on, and potentially avoid lost days at work or school by children with infestation and reduce the possibility of re-infestation to families or friends.1